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Armature Murfor EFS / Z -140X15X3050mm

Article: 1073316

Category: Aerated concrete blocks

Unit: pc.

5,90 €/pc.

AEROC reinforcement of concrete block walls, we recommend that you use Murfor fixture. The fixture has galvanized Murfor (L = 3,05 m), the installation of which is simple and allows you to save time and don't cut in lines of reinforcing the incorporation of blocks.

On the first reinforcements Murfor block with a glue layer, which plans to immerse Murfor reinforcements. Then repeat the glue coating is applied, followed by the next block of text. Place where two fixture fragments, the ends should mutually overlap by 250 mm. Galvanised Murfor fixture with four different widths are 40 mm, 90 mm, 140 mm and 190.

Murfor fixture into the first, in the fourth and final assembly line, as well as, under the window boxes and in places where the lintel.

Attachments Declaration
Weight 5.00 kg
Dimensions 1 x 305 x 14 cm