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Ceresit CT84 850ml Express PU-adhesive for EPS-boards

Article: 145248

Category: Adhesive and reinforcement mortars, Adhesive and reinforcement mortars

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4740008200489, 4743152000516, 4743152001162, 4743152001155

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Application from -10°C and at high humidity – especially recommended for
work in low temperature when cement adhesives drying time is
signifi cantly longer


  • Yield: 10 m² – 100% more than traditional cement adhesives; 15% higher adhesive strenght than traditional cement adhesives
  • Anchoring after ca. 2 h – speeding up thermal insulation work. In case of application of CT 84 and Ceresit Ceretherm Express system insulation work can take even 5 days less
  • Perfect for ”warming to warming” system – 1 m² of expanded polystyrene boards fixed with CT 84 adhesive weight 100 g, instead of 5 kg in case of cement adhesives
  • Enhanced thermal insulation properties – CT 84, unlike traditional cement adhesives, has thermal insulation properties similar to foamed polystyrene or wool
  • High homogeneity of adhesive thanks to metal ball protecting against too large air bubbles


Ceresit CT 84 polyurethane adhesive is used for fixing expanded polystyrene boards in the complex Ceresit Ceretherm systems for thermal insulation for external building walls (ETICS). Approximately 2 hours after the application, the foamed polystyrene boards may be smoothed, anchored and, then the armoured layer may be applied using the Ceresit CT 85, CT 87. CT 84 polyurethane adhesive is also used for fixing such materials as EPS and XPS foamed polystyrene for such surfaces as wood, OSB boards, glass, bitumens, ceramic bricks, concrete, coated and galvanised sheet plate, dry cellular concrete and after water impact, drywall, and for layered fixing of expanded polystyrene boards under conditions of normal and lower temperatures, also in thermal systems.

Weight 0.74 kg