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TRI-BIO-DSCENT 0.89L Biolīdz. portatīvajām un biotualetēm

Article: 1004358

Category: Household chemicals

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4750955000100, 853017004093, 853017004826

12,07 €/pc.
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TRI-BIO BIOFORMULA FOR PORTABLE & BIO-TOILETS ODOR CONTROLLER & WASTE DIGESTER, BY RESULT SURPASSES. MODERN CHEMICAL DEODORANTS AND MASKING AGENTS. SUPER CONCENTRATED - 50 DOSES IN 1 l BOTTLE. Immediately eliminates and controls bad odors, not just by masking them, but by removing the organics that caused them. Breaks down and digest waste and toilet tissue. Destroys harmful bacteria. Cleans toilets holding tank walls. Does not require special toilet tissue.
Dimensions 26 x 8 x 8 cm