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Vivacolor 1 AP 9l Primer for walls and ceilings

Article: 1073874

Category: Primers

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4740193436052

35,90 €/pc.
Primer for walls and ceilings
·    Good adhesion to substrate
·    Forms an evenly adhesive base surface for the topcoat
·    Reduces topcoat consumption
·    M1 (low emission) classified product
Fields of application Walls and ceilings in dry and damp premises (bedrooms, children rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, storage rooms, hallways etc). 
Suitable for priming new and previously painted concrete, plaster-treated, brick, filler-treated or wallpapered surfaces, plaster blocks, primed fibreboard and cardboard surfaces.
Gloss Full matt.
Coverage  7-10 m2/l – smooth surfaces,
(per coat) 5-8 m2/l – gypsum boards and filler-treated rough surfaces
Tinting The paint can be used white or tinted in lighter shades (AP-base) by Tikkurila color cards. Shade accuracy is not complete.
Base paints AP-base.
Application method  To be applied with a painting brush, roller or high pressure airbrush. The high-pressure airbrush nozzle shall be 0,015” - 0,021” or 0,380 - 0,530 mm. 
Drying time (at +23 0С, relative air humidity (RH) 50%) 
0,5 hour – touch-dry, 1-2 hours – recoatable.
Cleaning of painting tools, thinner  Water. The amount of thinner may be up to 10% of the paint volume.
Storage Protect the product from frost! 
Storage time In tightly closed original container 2 years from production date (stated on can).
Solid content  About. 32% v/v.
Density 1,3 kg/l, depending on the colour shade.
Wet scrub resistance Class 2, ISO 11998, 200 cycles 2-20 microns, 
>5000 cycles according to SFS 3755.
Resistance to chemicals Resistant to short-term exposure to household cleansers and weak solvents (white spirit).
Weight 10.00 kg
Dimensions 23 x 29 x 29 cm