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Pinotex WOOD PAINT AQUA BW 1L Paint for wooden facades on water base

Article: 1303427

Category: Paints for wood surfaces

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4740182274177

7,10 €/pc.


Paint for wooden facades on water base


Flexible paint for wooden facades on water base, characterized by good atmospheric resistance.
The product dries quickly, it easily spreads on the surface, it has good spreading rate and water-repellent properties, as well as a very good color and gloss stability. If system approach used (impregnation, priming and 2 surface finish coats), wooden surface ensures long-term protection against - up to 10 years. Can be tinted in a wide color range.


The product is intended for various wooden surfaces outdoor works, for example, surfaces such as wooden facades, enclosures, fences, as well as prime the metal, concrete surfaces and cement fiber board finish. The product is thermoplastic and therefore not suitable for window framing.



The surface must be clean, high-quality and fungal damage, with a moisture content of the wood  less than 18%. Old, poorly linked paint layer must be removed using a scraper, sandpaper, a hot air blower or infrared lamp. The surface coated with a glossy finish should be evenly sanded with sandpaper and the surface should be cleaned from grinding dust. Before finishing the surface, make sure the wooden surface is completely dry. New and old-painted wooden surface should be primed with “Pinotex Wood Primer" or "Pinotex Base”. Before the next treatment impregnated surface should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. Wooden surface impregnation and priming carried out at the earliest possible stage of work in order to avoid the effects of weathering on the rough wood. Carefully mix the paint before use.

Composition: acrylic.
Weight 1.00 kg