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Pinotex FENCE LASUR 2.5L redwood

Article: 1303690

Category: Wood preservatives

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4740182274542

9,70 €/pc.


Wood preservative for garden constructions


The product is designed for wood decorative trim. It contains waxes, which increase the surface hydrophobity. It is containing active substances which prevents mold and development of aquatic plants on the surface. Highlighting the texture of natural wood beauty.



For new and previously treated with protective wood sawn or finely sawn wooden surfaces for exterior use, eg., fences, sheds. Not for  the treatment of wood that is damaged by fungal diseases or pests.



The surface must be clean, high-quality and fungal damage, with a moisture content of the wood  less than 20%. On the surface of the old paint (eg., oil, alkyd or acrylic paint) completely removed mechanically (scraper, hard brush), thermal (hot air dryer, infrared radiation) or chemically (paint remover). This ensures the smooth tone obtain further surface treatment of the wood preservative.

The priming of the wooden surface must be carried out at an early stage of work. If painting is delayed or wood affected by weather conditions, paint adhesion to the wooden surface get worse. Before using and during the work the wood preservative must be thoroughly mixed. The product is ready for use and should not be diluted.

Composition: Hydrolytic stabilized alkyd emulsion.

Weight 2.50 kg
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 18 cm