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Stafor ECO PROTECT 10l Aizsargājošs klājums kokam

Article: 1003127

Category: Wood preservatives

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4751005614414

39,90 €/pc.

Protective coating for wood containing natural linseed oil. Emphasizes natural beauty of wood, highlighting its structure and giving a soft matted finish. Protects wood from moisture, mildew, rot, fungi, algae, and blue. Coating can be used for both interior and external works.

Protective coating is an excellent alternative for chemical paints, it does not peel off, allows the wood to "breathe", and protects it from moisture. The coating does not contain organic solvents, it is completely harmless to human health and environment

Especially intended for interior works. Does not contain organic solvents.

Application: Mix thoroughly before application. The surface must be clean and dry, resinous places should be cleaned with white-spirit. Previously coated surfaces must be cleaned from old paint until the wood is clean. The coating has to be applied by a brush or roller - 1 or 2 layers. Tools have to be cleaned with water. 

Consumption: 6 - 12 m²/l depending on wood absorption ability.

Components: Natural linseed oil, lecithin, active additives.