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Tikkurila VALTTI EXPERT 0.75L Anthracite Wood stain enriched with wax

Article: 1304351

Category: Wood preservatives

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 5902829031386

4,90 €/pc.
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Matt, semi-transparent decorative wood stain with addition of wax for protection and decorative covering of exterior wooden surfaces. It deeply penetrates into the wood, impregnates it and underlines it’s beauty and slows down harmful influence of UV rays and atmospheric conditions. Addition of wax protects the wood from harmful humidity by creating smooth and nice to touch surface. Available in modern and attractive colours.

1. Very good durability to atmospheric conditions and UV rays.
2. Increased protection of wood due to wax addition.
3. Durable and lively colours thanks to special pigments which underline natural drawing of wood.
4. High durability to destructive water influence and rinse of product – very good hydrophobic characteristic of the surface.
5. Perfect wood penetration.

Example of use
Exterior wooden walls, windows, doors, fences, balustrades.

Colors: Product available in 10 ready-made shades. Final shade depends on type of wood, original colour of the surface, the preparation of the surface and the way of application.
Gloss grade: Matt.
Solids content: 18%, depends on colour.
Density: 0,86 g/cm3 (depends on colour).
Coverage: Up to 20 m2/l (per one coat for smooth wooden surfaces, depends on the type and humidity of wood). In case of painting fresh wood, which wasn’t painted previously it is recommended to apply approx. 150-180 g/m2 Tikkurila Valtti Expert, in case of renovation of wooden elements apply approx. 90-120 g/m2.
Drying time: In temperature +23±2°C and relative air humidity 50±5%, product is touch dry after approx. 1 hour; re-coatable after 12 hours.

Surface preparation: Before application all surfaces and sharp edges should be rounded for example with sand paper.
Surface to be painted should be thoroughly cleaned from bark, soil, grease, oil, mould, wax, fungus,
pests or other contamination which reduce adhesion of the surface. Remove lime, cement or mortar
flakes, if they will be left they will stain the wood and may also influence the durability of applied
surfaces. Remove knots (lack fill with clean wood) or leave them, but protect with special chemical
agents. Defects, losses should be filled with wood; damages, cracks should be filled with putty for
wood in colour which is slightly lighter than required colour. For mould removal and surface cleaning
it is recommended to use Tikkurila Homeenpoisto mould removal solution. All previously painted,
stained and filled surfaces, must be sanded and evened to enable wood to absorb the product. If
necessary, remove totally the whole coat. In case of painting of old surfaces, it is recommended to
make a test painting. For additional wood protection prime the surface with Tikkurila Valtti Primer
priming oil. Protect plants from splashes of Tikkurila Valtti Expert during application.
Application method: Brush, sponge or by dipping.
Application conditions: All surfaces to be painted must be dry and humidity of wood under 20%. Application in the
temperature of the air at least +5°C, and the relative humidity of the air below 80%.
Application: Stir well before use and during application. Apply two coats of Tikkurila Valtti Expert with brush, sponge
or by dipping, paying particular attention to end-grains. The final color will depend on the wood type
and the number of applied layers.
Tools cleaning: Before washing tools should be thoroughly wiped in order to remove as much paint. Clean tools with
Tikkurila Pensselipesu tool cleaner or white spirit immediately after the completion of the work.
Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 10.5 x 10.5 x 12 cm