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Kiilto SAUMALAASTI Nr.39 1kg Tile Grout Marble-White

Article: 1008780

Category: Tile sealants

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 6411513522011

3,20 €/pc.

Water resistant, CG2-classified tile grout for grouting ceramic- and clinker tiles on walls and floors. Also for exterior applications. Joint width 1-6 mm. Cementitious.

Special features

  • water and dirt resistant tile grout for wall- and floor tiles
  • joint width 1–6 mm
  • cementitious binder, 22 colours
  • coverage approx. 1 kg/m² depending on joint and tile size


Kiilto Saumalaasti is a low-emission M1-classified tile grout for grouting ceramic tiles and clinker as well as other ceramic materials. Joint width 1-6 mm. Joint depth must be 3 mm at the minimum.


0.5 – 1.5 kg/m² depending on the size of the joint


Type/binder: Polymer-cement-limestone -based powder

Colors: several colours (see separate colour map)

Compression strength: ≥ 15 MPa (EN 13888)

Shrinkage: ≤ 3 mm/m

Mixing ratio: 10 weight parts of grout powder/ 3.0-3.2 weight parts of clean water (verify the mixing ratio on the package)

Working time: Working time 2-3 hours after adding water.

Application temperature: recommendation: +18–20 °C, lowest operating temperature +5 °C

Substrate humidity: Concrete < 90 % RH

Frost resistance: compressive strength ≥ 15 MPa and flexural strength ≥ 2,5 MPa (EN 13888) after freeze-thaw cycles

Coverage: 0.5 – 1.5 kg/m² depending on the size of the joint

Durability: ≤ 1000 mm³ (EN 13888)

Max. grain size: 0.2 mm

Joint size: joint width 1-6 mm, joint depth 3 mm at the minimum

Water absorption: < 2 g/30 min, < 5 g/240 min (EN 13888)

Storage: Unopened bag in dry conditions 1 year, plastic pail 3 years

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 13 cm