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Kiilto MAX repair filler, 400ml

Article: 1082793

Category: Fillers for walls and ceilings

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 6411512011509

3,69 €/pc.

Kiilto Max is a ready-mixed filler for filling big holes and smoothing walls and ceilings in dry areas. Max. 25 mm. Water-soluble

Special features

  • for max. 25 mm fillings
  • sandable after 2–3 h from repair filling, final drying time 1–2 d

Kiilto Max is a water-based coarse filler for filling holes in walls and ceilings in dry areas. If needed, Kiilto Max can be smoothed with finer plasters before painting or wallpapering. We recommend painting the surface before wallpapering to aid future removal. Complies with the requirements of EN 15824:2009 standard. Kiilto Max is suitable to be used for filling holes in concrete, render and levelling undercoat.


One tube covers approx. 0.4 m² area (1 mm thick layer) or approx. 600 small holes (10 mm x 10 mm x 5 mm).

Attachments Declaration
Dimensions 30 x 15 x 10 cm