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Vivacolor LH 10l Lightweight filler

Article: 123356

Category: Fillers for walls and ceilings

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4740193150064, 4750015828064

18,40 €/pc.
Lightweight filler 
·    Waterborne 
·    Ready to use
·    Fast drying
·    Easy application and leveling 
·    Effortless sanding 
Fields of applicationIndoor walls and ceilings in dry premises.
Suitable for filing joints and smoothing plaster concrete, brick, gypsum board and primed fiberboard surfaces, also for filling cracks and holes. To achieve smoother surface overcoat with Vivacolor LF fine filler as last coat.
BinderAcrylic copolymer
FillerDolomite, microspheres
Max particle size0,2 mm
Max layer thickness4 mm
Adhesion0,90 N/mm2
ColourLight grey 
Coverage1mm thin coat plastering: ~ 1 l/m2,
(per coat)filling joints and screw holes (2x): ~ 0,25 l/m2
Application methodTo be applied with spatula  
Drying time(at +23 °С, relative air humidity (RH) 50%)
1 mm  3 hours    (Drying time is strongly dependent on ambient temperature and relative air humidity)
Cleaning of painting toolsWater
StorageProtect the product from frost!
Storage timeIn tightly closed original container 2 years from production date (stated on can).
Solid contentAbout. 62 % m/m.
DensityAbout 1,1 kg/l  (ISO 2811) .
Packaging10 L can; 15L plastic bag

Attachments Declaration
Weight 11.00 kg
Dimensions 23 x 29 x 29 cm