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Rubber tiles 500x500x30mm

Article: 460568

Category: Natural stones, rubber tiles, Rubber tiles, Rubber tiles

Unit: M2

Barcode: 2770010052143

35,39 €/m2
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Rubber tile flooring will compliment the design of any terrace, veranda or balcony. It is easy to maintain in all weather conditions. Rubber tile flooring makes an especially good choice for garage flooring due to its durability and simple installation process. In the event of ruined tiles due to spilled motor oil or other liquids, replacing single tiles instead of redoing the entire flooring makes it a highly cost-efficient choice as well.
Rubber tiles make a very practical surfacing choice; tiling of rubber tiles does not require professional knowledge. The variety of colors and the simple-to-understand manufacturer’s guidelines for tiling the rubber tiles makes improving your home easy and creative. The maintenance of rubber surfacing is simple and economical – it does not require the use of special chemicals or professional cleaning products.
These practical rubber tiles are manufactured in Latvia and comply with European Union standard EN 1177, which is one of the most important parameters for rubber tiles indicating the maximum mechanical impact and shock absorption qualities.

Weight 30.00 kg
Dimensions 3 x 50 x 50 cm