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Purposes of the Personal Data Processing

SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • provision of services and sale of goods:
    • customer identification;
    • preparation and signing of the contract and/or invoice;
    • the supply of goods and / or services;
    • performance of guarantee obligations;
    • customer service;
    • handling complaints;
    • customer retention, loyalty building, satisfaction measurements;
    • payment management;
  • security and protection of the business premises and territory. More information - Video surveillance policy on SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” sites;
  • personnel recruitment;
  • to establish and maintain employment relationship, including, for human resources and labor management, operation and organization, as well as payment of salaries;
  • handling and processing applications;
  • sending news;
  • customer service assessment;
  • information provision to national regulatory authorities and operational entities in the events and the scope provided by the external laws and regulations.

Personal Data Processing

SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” processes personal data by using modern technological capabilities in line with the existing privacy risks and access to organizational, financial and technical resources. Personal data may be transferred to trusted service partners who provide specific services, for example, system providers, security and safety companies.

Categories of Personal Data Recipients

SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” shall not disclose personal data or any information acquired in the course of the cooperation to third parties, except:

  • if the relevant third party requires personal data under the concluded contract to perform any function required for the performance of the contract or required by law (for example, to a bank in the course of payment procedure, to the courier services to deliver a shipment outside the SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” delivery area, to the IT system service provider for data storage and processing, to the security company to ensure security through video surveillance);
  • to parties pursuant to external regulatory enactments, upon their reasonable request, according to the procedure and scope described in the external laws and regulations;
  • in the cases provided in the external regulatory enactments for the protection of the legitimate interests of SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA”, for example, when bringing an action before the court or other public authority against a person who has violated such legitimate interests.
  • personal data shall not be transferred to third countries.

Personal Data Storage Period

SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” shall store and process personal data while at lease one of the following criteria applies:

  • only for the duration of the contract concluded with the person;
  • while the example regulatory enactments allow SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” or the person to realize their legitimate interests (for example, raise objection or bring legal action);
  • as long as any of the parties has a legal obligation to store the data;
  • as long as the consent of the person to the relevant processing of data is valid, unless there are other legitimate grounds for personal data processing.

After the expiry of the aforementioned conditions, the personal data shall be archived, deleted or destroyed.

Access to Personal Data and Other Rights

The person is entitled to receive the information pursuant to the provisions of the law regarding the processing of their data. According to the law, the person has the right to request SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” the access to their personal data, as well as to request to supplement, correct or delete the data or limit the processing in regard to the person, or the right to object to processing (including personal data processing carried out on the basis of the legitimate interests of SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA”), as well as the right to data portability. These rights are enforceable in so far as the data processing is not subject to the obligations of SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” under the applicable laws and regulations and which are performed in the public interest. Please, note that, due to the specifics of the video surveillance process, it is not possible to delete the data of a specific person, also, due to the specifics of the video surveillance process, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to fully implement your right to restrict personal data processing, as the collection of data is automatic, and you will not be able to complete your tasks or receive our services without becoming a subject of video surveillance.

The person may submit a request to exercise their rights:

  • in writing, in person at the SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” offices, by presenting a personal identification document;
  • by electronic mail, signed with a secure electronic signature.

Upon receiving the person’s notice on the exercising of rights, SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” shall verify the person’s identity, assess the request and execute it in accordance with the laws and regulations.

SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” shall reply to the person by mail to the specified address by sending a registered letter or by e-mail, taking into consideration the type of reply requested by the person.

SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” ensures the execution of data processing and protection requests pursuant to the laws and regulations and in the event of objections shall take reasonable actions to resolve the issue. However, if it is not possible, persons are entitled to turn to the supervisory authority - Data State Inspectorate.

Communication with the Person

SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” will communicate with the person by using the contact information provided by such person (telephone number, e-mail address, postal address). SIA “OPTIMERA LATVIA” shall carry out communication regarding the performance of the contractual obligations on the basis of the concluded contract and/or issued invoice (for example, agreeing the delivery of the services or any changes, information about invoices etc.).