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Mapei UNIPLAN Eco 20kg 3-50mm Fibre reinforced self-levelling, cement based mortar for floors

Article: 1066072

Category: Mixes for floor leveling

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 7070211192514, 7070211194228

14,95 €/pc.


Uniplan Eco is a fibre reinforced, cement-based, pumpable smoothing compound for levelling concrete and wooden floors with sufficient stiffness. Uniplan Eco is supplied as dry mortar and only needs addition of water. It can be laid in thicknesses of 5 - 50 mm in a single operation. Uniplan Eco has Technical Approval – No. 2544 and is CE approved and classified as CT-C30-F7 in accordance with EN13813.


 Uniplan Eco is intended for levelling concrete and wooden floors with sufficient stiffness. It can be used for floors in homes, offices, institutions and light industry. Uniplan Eco can be used for embedding electrical or waterborne underfloor heating in dry and wet rooms. A membrane must always be applied on top of the compound in wetrooms. Uniplan Eco can also be used for building up silent floor systems. Uniplan Eco is not intended as a top layer, and must be covered by a suitable floor covering as soon as conditions permit. The finished, hardened compound will be a suitable substrate for most floor covering types, e.g. linoleum, wood or tiles, and must be prepared according to the covering manufacturer’s recommendations. Uniplan Eco is ONLY intended for indoor use.


The dry compound should be at room temperature when mixing (approx. +20°C). The temperature of the mixed compound must be > +10°C. Mix with an automatic mixer pump, special pump with mixer or drill and whisk. Mix to a smooth consistency. Normal mixing time is 2 - 3 minutes. Uniplan Eco is also suited for automatic mixers and pump systems. Checking the water level and consistence of the compound according to the manufacturer’s instructions should always be done on the site (ref. check form). The fully mixed compound must be used within 30 min. For professional laying of smoothing compounds using automatic machinery, measuring the flow can normally be performed correctly at the end of the hose, and should indicate how the compound will behave on the floor with regard to viscosity and fluidity. The correct amount of water from the hose gives the best result – especially for viscosity. Maximum outflow of Uniplan Eco (measured with a 50 mm diameter flow ring: h = 22 mm, at +20ºC) is 165 mm. Too much water will reduce the compound’s density, cause separation and give an uneven and less attractive surface, and imply a risk of separation making it unusable.

Mixing ratio: 3,8 – 4,2 litres/sack (19 – 20,5%)


Using the hose, spread the compound across the floor. Check the correct amount of water regularly by flow test. We recommend treating the surface immediately after laying with a serrated edge trowel to achieve the best possible result. Prime between each layer when laying several layers. Scratch protection is needed for large areas, at door openings etc. The compound can also be laid using a bucket for small areas. If a layer thicker than 25 mm is required, apply further layers in separate operations. Prime between each layer.



 Nine months when stored in a dry place in unopened origianal packaging.

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Weight 20.00 kg
Dimensions 50 x 28 x 9 cm