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TYVEK Pro Plus Tape 150cm 75m2 / roll, diffusion membrane with micro slits

Article: 1080860

Category: Diffusion membranes, Diffusion membranes

Unit: roll

Barcode: 5450208026558

133,00 €/roll

TYVEK Pro Plus Tape Reinforced diffuser film with micro-gaps (with adhesive tape) Reinforced diffuser film with micro-gaps and increased mechanical strength (with adhesive tape). Applied in roof and wall constructions as high-quality hydro and wind insulation. Tyvek® – the first vapour permeable membrane that has been recognized and certified as permanent. Research has demonstrated that the membrane Tyvek® performs its functions even after being a part of roofing constructions for 50 years. Additional reinforcement layer provides even higher mechanical strength. The industrially added adhesive tape provides complete sealing of joints, protecting roof constructions from moisture and wind. When applying the material, the adhesive tape and inscriptions should be directed to the outside.

Dimensions 150 x 20 x 20 cm