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Usage regulation

Usage regulation of the online store www.buvniecibas-abc.lv

The present regulation (hereinafter - Regulation), shall determine the procedure for use of the online store www.buvniecibas-abc.lv (hereinafter - buvniecibas-abc.lv), as well as shall determine the obligations and rights of the users of the online store.

According to the present Regulation, SIA OPTIMERA LATVIA (hereinafter - Seller), unified registration number 40003140449, legal address: Ata iela 5A, Riga, LV-1009, tel.: +371 28305151, e-mail: i-veikals@buvniecibas-abc.lv, shall be the seller, who is the owner of the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv, and shall sell the products and services offered on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv.

Pursuant to the present Regulation, a buyer shall be any capable natural person (i.e., a person who has reached the age of majority and the capacity of whom is not restricted by any court judgement) or any legal person, who purchases at the online store buvniecibas-abc.

Should the Buyer make an order or purchase on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv, it shall be deemed that a Remote Agreement (hereinafter - Agreement) is being concluded between the Buyer and the Seller. The Agreement shall be effective as of the day, when the Buyer has placed an order on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv and has received an electronic mail confirmation from the Seller regarding the order placed, i.e., when the person, to whom it is addressed, is able to access the confirmation. The Agreement shall be effective until fulfilment thereof, i.e., until full payment for the ordered product and delivery of the product to the buyer. This Regulation shall be applied and shall be binding to the Remote Agreement.


Prices of products and services are specified on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv in the euro, including value added tax. The offered prices are effective during the time period, specified for the product.  Expenses of delivery service of the product  shall not be included in the specified price of the product.

The Buyer shall be entitled to choose the type of payment and delivery of the product. Expenses for delivery of the product shall be determined depending on the type of delivery of the product.  The Seller shall be entitled to unilaterally change the product assortment and prices at the online store buvniecibas-abc at any time. The price that is specified for the product and service on the day of placing an order shall refer to the Product. The product price that is specified on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv may differ from the product price that is available in the outlet of the Seller.

Products visible on images of the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv may differ from actual properties of products pursuant to their colour, size, form and other parameters. Images shall be of informative nature.