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Cement 2kg

Article: 152361

Category: Cement

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 2406056724118, 4750104002733, 4750737072431, 4751024440414, 4751026050475

2,05 €/pc.
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Cement CEM 2 indicates the cement type, which in this case is an additive or composite Portland cement. It consists of clinker, gypsum or anhydride and two types of additives.
42,5 indicates the standard pressure strength (N / mm2) after 28 days hardening under normal conditions.
N indicates that the cement hardens normally is - after two days of hardening under normal circumstances, it must be at least 10 N / mm2 high strength
M means that the cement is mixed - composed of cement without clinker and gypsum or anhydrite is at least two types of additives.
A refers to the total amount of additives in accordance with standard EN 197-1 is 12-20%.
S stands for granulated blast furnace slag, which is one of the most widely used additives in cement production.
L indicates that the cement contains limestone, which CaCO3 content calculated from the calcium oxide in the amount of not less than 75 weight percent. This type of cement is commonly used for ready mix concrete production, construction and concrete structures that do not require higher strength in the initial period of hardening. It can