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Mapei LAMPOCEM 5kg Ready-to-use shrinkage-free rapid setting and hardening hydraulic binder

Article: 139949

Category: Dry concrete

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 8022452001680, 8022452056574

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Fast fixing of every kind into vertical and horizontal substrates in concrete and masonry.

Some application  examples

  Laying manhole covers.

  Sinking and securing foundation bolts, pipeclips, sanitary-ware, hinges.

  Laying sub- frames in wood and metal.

  Installing boxes and sheathes for electrical systems.

  Sinking and securing wooden plugs.

  Sealing concrete conduits, drains, tanks, etc.

  Stopping small water leaks in underground structures, cellars and lift wells.


Lampocem is a ready-to-use powder binder composed of high-strength cements and special admixtures in a formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratories.

Lampocem contains no chlorides.

Mixed with water, Lampocem produces a paste with a plastic-thixotropic consistency which is easy to apply even on vertical surfaces, without any need for formwork.

Lampocem has a very fast setting time (about 3 minutes at +20°C) and, after curing, has the following property:

  very high mechanical strength after only few hours;

  low shrinkage;

  no loss in performance over a long period of time.


Preparing the mix

While stirring, pour 1 kg of Lampocem into a container holding 200-210 g of water

(20-21% of water to 1 kg of Lampocem) and mix manually with trowel or float to obtain a smooth mix with no lumps.

Lampocem can be prepared in larger quantities, in which case an electric mixer is recommended.

Given Lampocem’s fast setting time, prepare only amounts which can be placed within 1-2 minutes.

For mixing by volume, 4 parts Lampocem should be mixed with 1 part water.

Applying the mix

Apply the Lampocem mix rapidly with trowel or smooth float.


1.8 kg of Lampocem will fill a one-litre  cavity.


12 months if stored in a dry sheltered place in original packaging.


Готовый к употреблению сверхбыстросхватывающийся безусадочный раствор на цементной основе.

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Weight 5.00 kg
Dimensions 42 x 26 x 8 cm