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Vivacolor HANSA SILICATE PRIMER 10l Silicate primer for mineral facades

Article: 1076567

Category: Facade primers, Facade primers

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4740193039062

16,95 €/pc.
Silicate primer for mineral facades
·    Strengthens the weak substrate 
·    Improves moisture resistance of surface
·    Creates uniformly absorbent surface
·    Very good water vapor permeability 
·    Excellent adhesion 
Fields of application Residential, commercial, industrial buildings and storage facilities. Applicable for painting concrete, lime- or lime-and-cement treated plaster surfaces, silicate bricks, as well as for surfaces formerly painted with lime-, lime-and-cement, cement or silicate paint prior to their finishing with silicate paint Hansa Silicate. Can be used also for interior mineral surfaces.
Coverage  (per coat) 4- 6 m2/l. Coverage depends on painting method and roughness of the surface painted.
Application method  To be applied with a painting brush, roller or high pressure airbrush. The high-pressure airbrush nozzle shall be 0,018” - 0,023” or 0,460 - 0,580 mm. 
Drying time (at +23 °С, relative air humidity (RH) 50%)
12 hours – recoatable. 
Lower air temperature and higher air humidity will increase the drying time.
Cleaning of painting tools, thinner  Water. For thinning  use instructions below.
Storage Protect from frost! 
Storage time In tightly closed original container 3 years from production date (stated on can).
Density 1,0 kg/l,  (ISO 2811).
Weight 10.00 kg
Dimensions 38 x 30 x 30 cm