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Mapei PP-FIBRE M6 1kg monofilament polypropylene fibre with optimal mechanical, physical and chemical properties for use in concrete and mortar.

Article: 1004414

Category: Other additives

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 2801032520027, 4751014750127

7,50 €/pc.
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 • Large surface area per amount of fibre (615 m2/kg)

• High adhesion level

 • Not visible on surface

• No healthy risk

 • Chemically inert and durable

• Easy to mix

• Easy to pump, without abrasion to pipes and hoses

• 100 % alkali resistant

• Resistant to acids and solvents


 • Forms micro canals and not damaging cracks during

fire – the increased water pressure is allowed to escape through the micro canals

• Reduced risk of spalling

• Reduced concrete damage to an average depth of 2 cm

• During fire, the reinforcement will be protected inside the concrete

 • Reduced costs from repair of concrete after fire

• Reduced amount of micro cracks from plastic shrinkage forces

• Reduced risk of separation/bleeding

 • Increased concrete density

• Increased concrete durability regarding temperature changes

• Increased resistance towards physical damage, reduces the damage of corners and edges

 • Decreased damage during de-moulding and during transport of elements

• Faster and better construction, by increased cohesion in concrete


 • PP-fiber M6 can be added to dry materials or to the fresh concrete in a concrete mixer. It can also be added in concrete trucks.

 • Concrete with PP-fiber M6 can be pumped and sprayed

• Concrete with PP-fiber M6 will have a reduction in slump. Therefore it’s recommended to combine the PP-fiber M6 with use of superplasticizers (Dynamon-products)

• Mixing time: - In main mixer, normal mixing time is sufficient. - In concrete truck: mixing time increased with 1 minute per m3 at highest rotation speed.


 Normal dosage: 1 paper bag (1 kg) for each m3 .For extra fire protection: 2 kg 

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Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 40 x 29 x 6 cm