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Caparol Disbopox 443 EP- Imprägnierung 5kg Water-thinnable, transparent, 2-component liquid epoxy resin primer and impregnating agent for mineral floor spaces

Article: 1300969

Category: Primers

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4002382020078

77,90 €/pc.
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EP Impregnating Agent · Water-thinnable, transparent, 2-component liquid epoxy resin primer and impregnating agent for mineral floor spaces. Emission-minimised, technically controlled and supervised (TÜV).

Field of Application

Due to the emission-minimised, ecologically compatible formula, particulary suitable for all "sensitive/delicate" areas, as e.g. lounges, hospitals, nurseries, play schools, schools, etc. 
Suitable as a transparent impregnating agent on mineral floor spaces. Suitable as a primer before applying water-thinnable epoxy floor coatings.

Material Properties

  • Allows water vapour diffusion
  • Suitable for matt-moist, cement-based surfaces
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Emissin-minimised, technically controlled and supervised (TÜV)
  • General Building Approval by the German Institute for Structural Engineering
Tested according to the AgBB testing criteria for VOC emissions from building materials used in interior areas. The criteria of the AgBB (Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten; Commission for the sanitary evaluation of building material) are elaborated by the ecological and sanitary authorities for the use of building material in »delicate/sensitive« areas, as e.g. lounges.

Material Base / Vehicle

Water-thinnable, 2-component liquid epoxy resin.

Packaging/Package Size

10 kg plastic combi-packaging 
5 kg plastic combi-packaging



Discolouration and chalking effect may occur with weathering and UV light exposure. The pigmentation in, e.g. coffee, red wine or leaves (organic dyestuffs) and various chemicals (e.g. disinfectants, acids, etc.) may cause discolouration. The efficiency of the coating will not be affected by these changes.

Gloss Level



Store cool, dry, frost-free. 
Tightly closed original packaging has a minimum shelf life of 1 year. If stored at low temperatures, the material should be stored at 20 °C before application.


approx. 1.0 g/cm3

Dry film thickness

approx. 30 µm/100 g/m2

Resistance-count for diffusion µ (H2O)

approx. 38,000