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Juno HIDROCRIL 4L Waterbased acrylic sealer

Article: 1302504

Category: Primers

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 8427043030467

51,20 €/pc.
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Hidrocril is a solvent-free acrylic waterbased sealer with outstanding penetration,
adherence and resistance properties. Provides a durable, clear protective
coating for both interior and exterior applications which is non-yellowing,
washable and stain resistant. Gives excellent sealing, flow and filling capacity.
Product specially conceived to solve paint adherence problems to surfaces.
Hidrocril is a quick drying sealer undercoat for use on masonry, brickwork,
concrete, gypsum, paper faced wallboards, etc.
Benefits: - Sticks to substrates increasing life of paint system.
 - Easy clean up, low odour.
 - Odourless water-based varnish to protect mineral surfaces.
Hidrocril can also be used as an odorless water-based varnish to protect
mineral surfaces indoors.
• Excellent penetrating and adherence properties
• Failitates paint adhesion and promotes uniform paint levelling on succesive coats
• Regulates absorption and is an excellent fixing agent on porous and loose surfaces.
• Breathable
• Exellent brushability
• No need for sanding before paint application
• Quick drying. Economizes and saves paint and working time
• Waterbased solvent-free
• Odourless

Finish: Semi-matt depenidng on absorbtion level
Color: Colourless
Viscosity: Min. 10 P S/FR1007
Density: 1,00 ± 0,05 g/cc S/FR1001
Drying: Touch dry in 30 minutes
Min. Repaint time: 2 hours
Max. Repaint time: Unlimited
Diluent: 4 parts water: 1 part Hidrocril
Performance: 4-8 m2/L (per coat)
Avg. observed values. Depending on surface absorbtion and texture.
Flash Point: Not flammable
VOC Content : Max.: 15 g/l