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Pigmented, adhesion promoting primer for exterior textured render applications Putgrund 610, 16 kg

Article: 1105837

Category: Primers

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 5907591932435

47,90 €/pc.
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Synthetic resin emulsion paint for use as priming coat and bonding bridge before applying textured render coatings: for Capatect ETICS systems, for Capatect-VHF (cladding) systems, on uncoated concrete, and on existing mineral renders and plasters, rendering of mortar groups/classes PII and PIII according to German standard DIN 18550 or similar on matt, sound and stable coats of emulsion paint and on sound and stable mineral coatings.

Material Properties:

     resistant to weather conditions;

  • water-repellent.
  • solidifies the surface of substrates.
  • enhances adhesion.
  • levels the absorption-capacity.
  • easy to apply.
  • water-dilutable.
  • ecologically, environmentally compatible.
  • reaction to fire - non-combustible or flame-retardant, depending on the applied ETICS or Capatect-VHF (cladding) system

Colour                                                                                   white

Packaging/Package Size                                                     16 kg


Approx. 250 - 350 ml/m² on smooth substrates, according to substrate properties and application technique. On roughly textured surfaces correspondingly more. Determine the exact amount of material required by coating a test area on site.

Weight 25.00 kg