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Decorative plaster Capatect Fassadenputz R20 weiss 25kg

Article: 004471

Category: Decorative plasters

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 5907591930912

87,90 €/pc.
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Synthetic, textured render/plaster for exterior use, reinforced with siloxane. Applicable as finishing coating forCapatect ETICS System B
- Uncoated concrete 
- Mortar layers of mortar groups P II + P III to DIN 18550-1/ EN 998-1 
- Sound, matt coatings of dispersion paint 
- Sound existing mineral coatings. 

Unsuitable are substrates showing efflorecence and substrates made of plastic or wood.

  • Reaction to fire: German classification "schwerentflammbar" B1 (fire retardant) as per DIN 4102 / DIN EN 13 501
  • Highly water vapour permeable.
  • Weatherproof, water-repellent as per DIN 4108.
  • Good working properties.
  • Ecologically compatible, low odour.
  • Binder: Synthetic resin emulsion as per DIN 18 558.
  • Water-thinnable.
  • Alkali-proof, hence unsaponifiable.

Consumption: 2,7-2,9 kg/m2

Packaging: 25kg bucket

Colour: White

Weight 25.00 kg
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 29 cm