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ESSVE Anchor mass, for standard pistol ECM, 310ml 302330

Article: 127773

Category: Anchors

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 7317761026181, 7317761029267, 7317761047834, 7317761878315

10,60 €/pc.
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ESSVE anchor compound ECM is intended for fixing studs, threaded rods or reinforcement in solid and porous materials, such as concrete, natural stone, brick, hollow material, light clinker and lightweight concrete. Lightweight concrete and light clinker are also called Leca, Ytong, Siporex, blue concrete, etc. The two-component anchor compound ECM consists of polyester resin, hardener and quartz sand. Anchor mass ECM is not hazardous to the environment. The product is not marked with warning symbols, it does not contain styrene and phthalate, see safety data sheet. The empty packaging is disposed of as plastic. The mass and hardener are mixed in a specially shaped mixing nozzle. Properly mixed anchor mass is light gray. The drilled hole must always be cleaned with a brush and blown with a stream of air before laying the anchor mass. As the function of the anchor is based on adhesion to the surrounding material, it is very important to always follow the installation instructions for the anchor in the ETA opinion, thoroughly cleaning and blowing the hole to remove all concrete dust and debris that could otherwise impair load-bearing capacity and safety. use a perforated sleeve - cut, 1 m, or ready-made perforated sleeve. Perforated sleeves are available in three sizes suitable for M8-M16 bolts, see anchor mass accessories. When using a perforated sleeve, it must all be filled with mass. Then push and turn the bolt and let the mass harden.

Dimensions 5 x 7.5 x 26 cm