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Biological activator BIO7 Choc 375g, for the first use of septic tank

Article: 1075175

Category: Sewage treatment plants, reservoirs

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 3420900102777

25,90 €/pc.
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 - 500 g bottle + 5 capsules (5 doses of treatment)

 - 2 kg bucket for institutional users or wide installations.



 BIO7 Choc activates new installations and reactivates after emptying. It treats and prevents from problems due to long absences or to flora destruction. It drives away and gets rid of bad smells.



 - Shock action : quick and powerful

 - Contains selected micro-organisms and a vitaminized substratum (capsules) lblended with a biological over-activator (product).



 BIO7 Choc is a biological and natural over-activator for septic tanks, sewerage tanks, and tiny purification stations. It uses selected micro-organisms, vitamines and growth factors stemming from biochemical ECOGENE know-how.                                                                                                           


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