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Šamota loksne 30x300x600mm

Article: 1088009

Category: Fireplace and furnace equipment (doors, surfaces,grilles etc.)

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 2990005446775

26,99 €/pc.
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Chamotte sheets are heat resistant materials that serves as an excellent fireplace construction material, as fireplace facing materials with a rigid structue. When building a fireplace facing with chamotte plates you will obtain:
fireplace with heat accumulation effect, it will radiate heat in the room for several hours after the fire in the furnace goes out,
stable and firm material, can safely build a variety of structures , shelves, easily strengthen marble or granite products,
material is ecological and natural, derived from the mountain rocks
ease for construction they are available in different sizes and thicknesses.
Chamotte plates are also used in the fireplace or stove combustion chamber lining. In this case, you obtain:
fireplace glass does not deposit soot, because the chamotte plates repel heat towards the glass, as well as by lighitng up the fireplace, it will absorb the primary moisture secreted by wood,  
will increase combustion temperature, which improves the condition of the flue, not allowing any kreazota mass deposits on the walls,
fireplace insert combustion chamber is lit bright, allowing you to enjoy the game of bright colors. If previously fireplaces were lined with cast iron walls, then lining the fireplace with chamotte blocks will completely change you view about fireplace, as pleasant, warm and enjoyable event.