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Stafor Bronzas krāsa 0.2 kg

Article: 000020

Category: Special purpose paints

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4751005610256

6,57 €/pc.
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Mūkusalas iela 93
Ata iela 5a
t/c Sāga

Quickly drying bronze paint for finish of different surfaces - metal, wood, ceramic, veneer and decorative surfaces as well as metal protection against corrosion. Can be used both in interior and exterior works. High thermal resistance up to +250C.

USAGE: Rusty surfaces should be first purified from rust, painting surfaces should be clean, dry and degreased. Before use the paint should be mixed in a separate container – bronze powder should be poured in varnish liquid and mixed well. If necessary paint can be diluted with the solvent No. 646 or acetone. These solvents are used also for cleaning the tools. Apply on prior prepared surface with a brush, roller or sprayer.

DRYING TIME: From 1 to 2 hours.

CONSUMPTION: 6-8 m2/l.

STORAGE: Store in sealed container, keep away from direct sun.

SAFETY MEASURES: Work in well ventilated premises. Try to avoid direct contact of colour and skin and eyes, if the colour gets on your skin remove it with a napkin and wash the contact place with warm water and soap.