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Tikkurila SUPI LATTIAOLJY EC 0.9L floor oil for wet rooms

Article: 1305243

Category: Sauna lacquers

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 6408070057612

12,50 €/pc.
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Suitable for protection of bare wood or previously oiled surface in interior wet rooms. Also suitable for thermally modified and hardwood.

Product features

Suitable for use on wooden floors and duckboards.  

Recommended uses

Wooden floors and duckboards in steam, wash and dressing rooms.



The paint is suitable for interior floors The paint is water-borne Tool: brush The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces


 The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces


Base paints


Colour Range

Colourless. Tinted according to Interior Wood Stains and Lacquers colour card.

Building material emission class





8-15 m2/l.

Can sizes

0,9 l



Application method

Brush or sponge.

Drying times

Surface is dry after few hours. Ready to use after approx. 2 days. Porosity and amount of wood oil used affect the drying time.

Solids volume

Approx. 14 %.


1.0 kg/l, ISO 2811.


Protect from frost. Once opened, use the oil during the same painting season as the product properties may change in a half empty can.



Application conditions

The surface to be painted must be dry, the temperature of the air at least +5 oC, and the relative humidity of the air below 80 %.


New bare wood surfaces: 
Clean wood surface from dirt and dust. Moisten it lightly and after drying sand it with sanding paper no 230 to remove any raised wood fibres. Remove sanding dust. 

Surfaces treated previously with wood oil: 
Wash down with Supi Sauna Clean according to instructions, rinse carefully and allow to dry. Sand, if necessary and remove sanding dust. Remove loose paint with scraper and/or steel brush. If a visible film remains on the wood surface, remove it before treatment. 


Mix Supi Floor Oil thoroughly before use and during application. 
Apply once with a brush or sponge tightly so that all oil is absorbed evenly into the wood. Wipe off any excess oil after approx. 30 min. Apply evenly in continuous strokes the entire length of board to avoid overlapping. Oil treatment darkens the wood. 
Pre-heat the sauna before taking it into use and ventilate well. 
Maintenance treatment when needed. Surfaces exposed to continuous moisture stress need retreatment at intervals. 

Cleaning of tools

Clean tools with water and soap. Tikkurila Pensselipesu (Tool Cleaner) is recommended when cleaning hardened product from the brush.

Maintenance instructions

Handle new surface with care for approx. 1 week. If needed, the surface can be cleaned lightly with soft brush or mop after approx. 2 days from finishing. 

The surface can be cleaned at the earliest after 1 month with Supi Sauna Clean (1-2 dl detergent into 5 liters of water) to allow the product to achieve its final hardness and durability. 

Weight 1.00 kg