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Silicone facade paint AmphiSilan-Plus B1 2.5L

Article: 128901

Category: Paints for facades and concrete surfaces, Paints for facades and concrete surfaces

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4002381786906, 4002381786937, 5907591935252

28,90 €/pc.
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Capillary-hydrophobic, mineral matt, silicone resin based facade paint. The special silicone resin/binder combination provides water-repellent, highly vapour permeable paint coatings on exterior renders and mineral substrates. Also suitable for renovation of adherent silicate paints, matt dispersion/emulsion paints or synthetic renders and stable external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS/EWI).

AmphiSilan-plus combines the advantages of approved emulsion paints and classic silicate paints. These properties make AmphiSilan-plus an ideal choice for coatings on listed buildings and lime plasters.

  • Water-dillutable, friendly to environment, with low odour
  • Weather resistant
  • Water repellent
  • non-film-forming
  • micro-porous
  • Low surface tension
  • no thermo-plasticity
  • Reduces tendency of facades to dirt
  • Forms a capillary active dry zone.
  • Permeable to CO2
  • Good covering power
  • Resistant to aggressive air pollutants
  • Easy to apply

Volume: 2.5l

Consumption: 150-200ml/m2

Colour: white