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Vivacolor HANSA SOKKEL C 0.9l Waterborne socket paint

Article: 1076532

Category: Paints for facades and concrete surfaces, Paints for facades and concrete surfaces

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4740193113014

5,80 €/pc.
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Mūkusalas iela 93
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Waterborne socket paint
·    Excellent adhesion  
·    Moisture and alkali resistant paint film
·    Good weather resistance
·    Easy to clean 
Fields of applicationNew and previously painted concrete or plaster sockets and concrete surfaces of residential, commercial, industrial buildings or storage facilities. 
Suitable also for painting mineral slabs and galvanized or light-weight metal surfaces (e.g. rainwater pipes, flashing etc). Not suitable for tin roof painting.
Coverage 4-8 m2/l per coat for concrete and plaster surfaces. 
(per coat)6-10 m2/l per coat for mineral slabs,
8-10 m2/l per coat for galvanized metal surface.
 Paint consumption is determined by the roughness of the surface and the method of application.
TintingThe paint can be used white (base A) or tinted according to Tikkurila facade colour cards (base А and C). 
Base paintsA and C bases
Application method To be applied with a painting brush, roller or high pressure airbrush. The high-pressure airbrush nozzle shall be 0,018” - 0,023” or 0,460 - 0,580 mm. 
Drying time(at +23 °С, relative air humidity (RH) 50%)
1-hour - dust dry 
2 hours - recoatable.
Cleaning of painting tools, thinner Water. The amount of thinner may be up to 5% of the paint volume.
StorageProtect the product from frost! 
Storage timeIn tightly closed original container 2 years from production date (stated on can).
Solid content About. 38% v/v.
Density1,2-1,3 kg/l,  depending on the base paint and shade (ISO 2811).
Water vapour diffusionSd, H2O < 0,5м, when applied according to manufacturer's instructions (ISO 7783-2).
Water absorption  W < 0,1 кg/(м2*h0,5), when applied according to manufactures instructions ( EN 1062-3).

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 14 x 11 x 11 cm