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Biolar METALAK RAPID 0.8L RAL 3000 Red metal paint

Article: 1302878

Category: Paints for metal surfaces

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4750494007905

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is instant dry high-pigmented activated anti-corrosive enamel primer based on modified alkyd resin. Pigment effectiveness is strengthened with special activator. Primer intended for priming metal surfaces, including rusted surfaces, which is exposed by climatic and mechanical impact. Primer used in anti-corrosive paint systems. METALAK RAPID used also as finishing coating for the surfaces. Have good adhesion at metal surfaces. Special additive converts rust and prevents from its appearing. Enamel primer can be used for galvanized and aluminum surfaces priming.


Metal surfaces – remove grease and oil by the solvent. Rust and dross remove with steel brush. Galvanized metal or aluminum surfaces need to be cleaned from greasing. Previously painted surfaces – old coating remove with scraper, steel brush or with paint remover.


Before using enamel primer it should be stirred and diluted with a solvent till a viscosity, if it is necessary. Enamel primer need to be applied in 1-2 layers by paint brush, steel brush, air spray or high-pressured airless spray. Work tools should be cleaned with a solvent.

Weight 0.90 kg