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Stafor WHITE 1l Koksnes balinātājs

Article: 1065686

Category: Wood preservatives

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4751005613783

2,90 €/pc.
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Ata iela 5a
t/c Sāga

Product intended for the cleaning and bleaching of wood surfaces. Cleans wood from mold, blue fungue and whitening old wood which lost the original color of the surface. After processing the wood will be clean of dark spots and renew natural color.

USE: Must be applied with brush or spray. Aplication with spray - from a distance of 15 - 10 cm, aplication with brush - by direction of the wood fibers, and must be left to dry for about 30 minutes, after drying wash with water. If necessary, treting can be repeated after 2 hours. Do not mechanically remove mold or alges, it can lead to a dangerous dispute of infection on clean wood. Do not use the product with other whiteners, it can cause the release of dangerous gas - chlorine. Do not use on metal surfaces. Tools should be cleaned with water.

CONSUMPTION: Depending on the type and degree of wood infection.

PRECAUTIONS: Work in the open air or in well-ventilated areas. Work in rubber gloves and safety goggles.