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STAFOR Špaktele Grīdām 1.1L

Article: 262094

Category: Fillers for floors, wood fillers

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4751005611314

2,20 €/pc.

Putty for aligning gaps and cracks in floors before painting. Putty contains special cellulose fiber and acrylic polymers, that improves its features – wear resistance, flexibility and adhesion. Well binds with wooden, concrete, plaster and other surfaces.



  • Very plastic;
  • Ready for use;
  • Contains substances that prevent originating of mold and fungus;
  • Greatly smoothens surfaces, easy grinding;
  • Ideal surface for painting with different types of paints;
  • Quick drying;
  • Long term storage in hermetically sealed container;
  • Small mass consumption on 1m².
  • USER GUIDE: Putty should be applied with a trowel on dry, clean and degreased surfaces, justified and after drying, grind with a sandpaper. Can be painted with all kinds of paints. 


DRYING TIME: 1mm in 1 hour in +20°C temperature. Tools to be washed with water.

STORAGE: In original package, 20ºC temperature stored approximately for – see the label. May not freeze. Mix well before use.