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Sakret LH 8kg Universal Filler

Article: 141344

Category: Fillers for walls and ceilings

Unit: pc.

Barcode: 4751006561748

11,80 €/pc.
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  • For plasterboard and plasters
  • For filling OSB boards and plywood
  • For dry rooms
  • For puttying in a thin and medium thick layer
  • Ready to use
  • A small crease
  • Expressed in white
  • It is easy and plastic
  • Sands easily and does not break
  1. The surface to be treated must be clean, stable and dry
  2. Mineral surfaces must be primed with SAKRET BG or SAKRET UG (diluted with water 1:4) before filling with SAKRET LH
  3. Prime sandy or crumbling surfaces with SAKRET TGW primer before filling
  4. Putty putty is intended for manual puttying in dry rooms
  5. After the putty dries, the surface is sanded with sandpaper (150 - 240)
  6. If necessary, putty is applied in several layers
  7. Works can be carried out if the air temperature is ≥+10°C and the air humidity is ≤80%
  8. During the grinding process, the dust does not rise into the air, but elegantly falls to the ground
Weight 8.00 kg
Dimensions 20 x 22 x 22 cm