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Other provisions

The Seller shall be entitled to unilaterally change and supplement the Regulation at any time. The Regulation effective on the moment of product ordering shall be binding to the Buyer. Prior to each purchase the Buyer shall have a duty to become familiar with the Regulation. The Buyer may save the Regulation on any independent data carrier or print it out.

The Buyer shall not be entitled to use the services of the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv if he or she has failed to become familiar with the Regulation or does not agree with them.

Should the Buyer fail to comply with the Regulation, the Seller shall be entitled to cancel or restrict the access of the Buyer to the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv.

The Seller shall be entitled to temporary restrict the access to the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv or to terminate the operation of the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv at all.

The Seller shall not store the concluded Agreements.

The online store buvniecibas-abc.lv shall be the property of the Seller and shall be protected in accordance with the procedure set by legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

Complete or partial publishing, reproduction, delivery or storage, transformation or supplementation of the content of the online store buvniecibas-abc (including, but not limited to: published materials, logotypes, pictures, graphical images etc.) for commercial purposes shall be prohibited, unless the holder of copyrights or intellectual property rights has provided his consent for such activity. Such a prohibition shall not refer to loading and storage of the content on the computer, tablet PC or smart phone and printing out solely for personal (non-commercial) use.

It shall be permitted to quote the content of the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv, in accordance with the applicable legal acts governing copyrights. Should the content be quoted, the source thereof shall be specified, but it shall be prohibited to reproduce, publish or distribute trade marks or logotypes covered by the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv without a prior written consent of the owner of such trade marks or logotypes.Informācijas apmaiņai, Pārdevējs sazinās ar Pircēju, izmantojot Pircēja e-pasta adresi, pasta adresi vai tālruņa numuru.

In case of violation of copyrights of the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv, the Buyer may be called to justice, in accordance with the procedure prescribed by legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

Links to websites of third persons may be specified on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv for convenience of buyers. Such links shall be provided only for informative purposes. The Seller shall not undertake responsibility for any kind of information that is provided or published by third persons, even if such information is available through the link placed on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv. Third persons shall be responsible themselves for publishing of the necessary information on their sites, and the Seller shall not be responsible for any insufficient, incorrect or false information.

When visiting websites of third persons, the Buyer shall become familiar with the usage instructions and privacy policy of such sites by him or herself.

For the purpose of information exchange the Seller shall contact with the Buyer through e-mail address, mail address or phone number of the Buyer.

In case of arising issues or disagreements the Buyer shall contact with the Seller via phone:

Store: Ata iela 5A, Riga, tel. 26606435, 20241868,

Store: Mūkusalas iela 93, Riga, tel. 28376111, 26660472,

Office: tel. 28305151, or by using e-mail: i-veikals@buvniecibas-abc.lv