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Placement of orders and payment

Both, non-registered as well as registered customers, may order and purchase products offered on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv.

In order to purchase products on the online store buvniecibas-abc, the following steps shall be made:

  • select the product (or products) by adding it to “Basket”;
  • press “Prepare order” after placement of all selected products to “Basket”;
  • press “Continue payment for order” after filling in all necessary data fields.

Ordered products shall be paid by non-cash wire transfer:

  • via online banking or Maestro, Visa and/or MasterCard payment card.
  • Buyer may pay for the product by cash or by bank’s payment card if the Buyer chooses to receive the product in outlets of the Seller.

The Seller shall be entitled to refuse to sell the products ordered via online store buvniecibas-abc by informing the Buyer on that if:

  • the product is not available on the warehouse of the Seller or is not available in the quantity pursuant to the order;
  • the product price and parameters fail to comply with the actual information on the product due to any technical error in the system;
  • the Buyer has failed to become familiar with the Regulation.

The Order shall be deemed as submitted, when the payment is made.

The Order shall be deemed as binding to the Buyer and the Seller at the moment, when the Buyer has made an order and has received a confirmation from the Seller through electronic mail. An Order and confirmation on receipt thereof shall be deemed as received, when the person, to whom they are addressed, may access them.

The Buyer shall have an obligation to verify the information and data specified in the order. In case of discrepancy of information and/or data the Buyer shall inform the Seller by using the e-mail address: i-veikals@buvniecibas-abc.lv. The Buyer may save the order and confirmation on receipt thereof on any independent data carrier or print it out.

The Buyer undertakes to provide only correct and complete information in the purchase form, indicating true information in the mandatory fields (name, surname) so that the Seller can identify the Buyer when picking up the goods in the store.