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Product guarantee

Products offered on the online store buvniecibas-abc.lv shall be provided with the guarantee from the manufacturer of the product.

Guarantee set by the manufacturer shall be guaranteed for all products sold by the Seller, upon acquisition by the Buyer, who is the consumer, in accordance with the procedure provided by regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia, should the service instruction of the product be complied with. The guarantee set by the seller or the manufacturer shall be provided for legal persons.

When delivering the product for a guarantee repair, the Buyer shall attach the guarantee certificate, purchase receipt or delivery note issued by the Seller to the product, specifying the defect of the product or expression thereof. The document certifying guarantee shall be effective only when it contains correct and clearly specified and visible data of the product, date of selling, the guarantee period, clearly visible seal imprint of the Seller, and signature of the Seller and the Buyer. It shall be prohibited to make any changes, to delete or rewrite the data specified in the guarantee certificate, because in such a case the voucher shall be recognized as void.

In order to receive the guarantee service of the manufacturer, the Buyer shall be required to deliver the product to the service centre specified in the guarantee voucher or to any Būvniecība ABC outlet. The guarantee terms shall not provide for replacement of the product during the period of the guarantee repair.

Expenses with regard to transportation of the product shall be covered by the Buyer. The guarantee shall be effective as per the guarantee terms set by the manufacturer of the product.

Should the Buyer be the consumer for the purpose of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, the Buyer shall be entitled to make a claim to the Seller regarding non-compliance of the product with the terms and conditions of the agreement in accordance with the procedure and within the terms set by the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

Free guarantee repair shall not be provided, should the damage of the equipment occur as a result of operation that is improper with  the terms and conditions of manufacturers and should elimination of other defects be required that is not included within the framework of the guarantee repair of the manufacturer and have occurred due to the fault of the Buyer.

The guarantee liabilities shall not be applied to shortages of the product that have occurred as a result of depreciation of products, deliberate damages, negligence, improper work conditions or should the documentation (certifications) of product purchase be not stored or be damaged, or the information that is placed on the sticker of the manufacturer of the product be tore off, or in cases of mechanical damages, or in case of damages caused by element, fire, domestic factors, accidental external factors, or the product has been damaged by liquid, dust or foreign bodies, or damages have occurred as a result of effect of increased (improper) supply voltage, or the product has been opened, repaired or changes have been made by the service centre, unauthorised by the Seller or manufacturer, or damages of the product have been caused by the use of non-standard and/or bad quality materials, spare parts, packaging materials and accessories to be used, or the service instruction of products has not been complied with or in similar cases.

The guarantee shall not refer to materials, accessory sets and accessories to be used.